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The present general terms and conditions of sale create a legal agreement and apply to all services concluded between the client and Fanny Wong Beauty, a company registered under the SIRET number 879 325 058 00011, whose registered office is located in Champs-sur-Marne 77420, France, represented by Fanny Wong.


Article 1 - Application of conditions

The present general terms and conditions of sale described below detail the commercial relations between the professional, Fanny Wong Beauty, on the one hand, and the client, on the other hand, who uses the services of Fanny Wong Beauty.


Article 2 - Characteristics of the service

Fanny Wong Beauty provides makeup and hair services for weddings, elopement, photoshoots and private events. 


Article 3 - Performance of the service

3.1. The bridal beauty preview session

3.1.1. Bridal preview session

The preview session allows Fanny Wong Beauty and the client to get to know each other and validate together the makeup and hairstyle. The preview takes a maximum of 3 hours and includes one makeup and one hairstyle, depending on the service booked by the client. This service is included in each bridal service (excluding photoshoot) and in case of non-use, cannot be refunded and no compensation can be claimed. The preview can be only scheduled from Tuesdays to Fridays and from 11:00 am to last appointment 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, in the Paris area, unless otherwise discussed with Fanny Wong Beauty. If the client would like to do the preview out of the Paris area, additional travel fees will apply.


3.1.2. Determination of the products used

The client agrees to inform Fanny Wong Beauty of any dermatological diseases, allergies and current treatments that may have an adverse effect on her. Fanny Wong Beauty is committed to use professional products that guarantee the safety of the client and a long lasting beauty. In case of lack of information by the client, Fanny Wong Beauty will not be held responsible for any allergies or dermatological or hair reactions following the beauty service. Fanny Wong Beauty can refuse the application of makeup if any contagious skin or eye conditions are present.


3.2. The day of the event

3.2.1. Location of the event

Fanny Wong Beauty will come to the client's place or to the location of the event 30 (thirty) minutes before the beauty service in order to prepare the kit. Once the beauty service has been completed, Fanny Wong Beauty agrees to leave the location, unless the client has booked touch-ups service.


3.2.2. Arrival time

The arrival time confirmed by Fanny Wong Beauty and the client is imperative. It indicates the beginning of the beauty service. A delay of more than 30 (thirty) minutes from the client will result in an additional charge of 50 (fifty) euros and a delay of more than 1 (one) hour from the client will result in an additional charge of 100 (one hundred) euros. In case of delay of the client, Fanny Wong Beauty will not be responsible for the delays of the beauty service.


3.2.3. Preconditions for the beauty treatment

The client must ensure that a suitable set up table and chairs near an electric plug are provided to Fanny Wong Beauty with consideration to height, space and natural light. The client agrees to have her hair clean, washed and dried before the start of the beauty service, preferably by blow drying. If the client has wet hair, the hairstyling process will take longer and Fanny Wong Beauty will not be responsible for any delays in the beauty service. A fee of 50 (fifty) euros per person applies if Fanny Wong Beauty needs to blow dry the hair prior to styling. Fanny Wong Beauty has the right to refuse a makeup and hair service to the client if any abusive or threatening behavior (in any way) is felt during the booking and service. Any cancellation due to this reason will not enable any refunds from Fanny Wong Beauty to the client.


3.2.4. Touch-ups service

The client can book touch-ups service (makeup and/or hair touch-ups) with Fanny Wong Beauty that will stay for the duration indicated on the contract. If Fanny Wong Beauty is present during meal times (lunch and dinner), a "vendors" meal must be provided. The price of the touch-ups service is indicated on the website


3.2.5. Second beauty service

The booking of a second beauty service is required for any change of hairstyle and/or makeup during the event. The price of the second beauty service is indicated on the website


Article 4- The price

4.1. Pricing

Prices are set according to the service chosen by the client and the products used by Fanny Wong Beauty. They are indicated on the website, under each service description. These prices do not include travel or accommodation expenses. For any wedding service, the minimum booking fee is 2400 (two thousand four hundred) euros (excluding travel and accommodation expenses). For any service before 8 (eight) am or after 7 (seven) pm, an additional fee of 100 (one hundred) euros will be applied. For any service before 6 (six) am or after 8 (eight) pm, an additional fee of 150 (one hundred and fifty) euros will be applied. Fanny Wong Beauty reserves the right to change the prices without notice, at any time. However, if the client has made a reservation before the price change, the new prices will not affect the reservation.


4.2. Travel expenses

The travel expenses are determined according to the location of the beauty service, the price of accommodation, fuel, tolls, paid parking, etc. The rate is the one applied at the time of the signature of the contract.


4.3. Deposit payment

A non-refundable deposit of 30% (thirty) of the total amount mentioned in the contract is required upon signature of the contract for any reservation. The deposit is not transferable and is only valid for the date booked. In case of postponement of the date, a new deposit is required at the time of booking. No service is booked until the signed contract and the deposit are received. 


4.4. Terms of payment

4.4.1. Types of payment

Payments in cash, by paypal and bank transfers are accepted by Fanny Wong Beauty. For bank transfers, the client needs to send, by email to, a proof of payment (confirmation of transfer by the client’s bank). The transfer expenses are the responsibility of the client. Payment in cash is authorized within the limit of 1000 (thousand) euros. This limit is increased to 15 000 (fifteen thousand) euros if the residence of the client  is abroad and she is paying a personal expense.


4.4.2. Payment

The remaining balance is due 1 (one) month before the day of the event by bank transfer or on the day of the event by cash. Payment by cash is due before starting the service. Fanny Wong Beauty will not be performing any services until payment is paid in full. A fixed indemnity of 40 (forty) euros is due to Fanny Wong Beauty in the case of late payment by the client. This sum corresponds to the collection costs. If the collection costs are higher than this sum, Fanny Wong Beauty reserves the right to request additional compensation with proof as provided for in Article 441-10 of the French Commercial Code. In addition to this sum, a late payment compensation of 15% (fifteen) of the total amount of the service, for each additional day of delay. These indemnities are not subject to any formality to be paid by the professional.


Article 5- Booking

All bookings are made either by email to, or on the website in the Contact page. To book a service with Fanny Wong Beauty, the signature of the contract and the payment of the deposit are required and bookings are not confirmed without these two elements.


Article 6- Contract

6.1. Terms of the contract

Fanny Wong Beauty establishes a contract stipulating, among other things, the services booked by the client, the total amount of the services, the date(s) of execution of the services, the date of payment of the deposit and the general terms of sale. 


6.2. Signature of the contract

The signature of the contract involves an impossibility for the client to cancel the reserved services afterwards. However, these can only be changed (by adding additional services) by mutual written agreement between Fanny Wong Beauty and the client. When the client signs the contract, she agrees to have read the general sales conditions and to accept them without reservation. All reservations are considered firm and final once the contract is signed by the client or by paying the deposit.  


Article 7- Postponements and cancellations

7.1. Postponement of the date

For any postponement of the event, the client must inform Fanny Wong Beauty as soon as possible, by email at Postponement is only possible if the new date chosen by the client is available. A new deposit is required to book the date. In the case of a postponement accepted in writing by Fanny Wong Beauty, the client must sign a new contract indicating the new date. Fanny Wong Beauty cannot be held responsible if the new date is not available and no refund of deposit can be required.  


7.2. Cancellation of the contract

7.2.1. Cancellation by the client

In case of cancellation of the contract, the client must inform Fanny Wong Beauty by email at within a reasonable period of time of minimum 72 (seventy-two) hours. No refund of deposit can be required. The client is required to check the date and time before booking. If the 72 (seventy-two) hour deadline is not met, the client may be asked to pay for the non-refundable travel expenses (hotel reservation, car rental, etc.) upon receipt of proof from Fanny Beauty Wong. In case of cancellation of a service after the signature of the contract, the client is responsible for the full payment and the same balance amount will be applied. 


7.2.2. Cancellation by Fanny Wong Beauty

Fanny Wong Beauty reserves the right to cancel the service in case of illness or immediate family emergencies. The client will be refunded all amounts received by Fanny Wong Beauty. Fanny Wong Beauty will make every effort to refer the client to other persons performing the same services. 


7.2.3. Cancellation due to force majeure

In the event of force majeure as provided for in Article 1218 of the Civil Code, if the impediment is temporary (health restrictions, etc.) and the client still wants to cancel the service with Fanny Wong Beauty, the amount of the deposit cannot be refunded and Fanny Wong Beauty will not be held liable for any damage suffered by the client. In the event that the impediment is definitive and the client is no longer legally entitled to celebrate the event, Fanny Wong Beauty is committed to refund the client 50% (fifty) of the total amount received. If Fanny Wong Beauty or the client is not allowed to travel to the country or the place of the event, in case of force majeure, the client will be refunded 50 (fifty) % of the total amount. When the event takes place outside the French territory and the force majeure prevents going to the location planned, the client is refunded 50 (fifty) % of the total amount received by Fanny Wong Beauty.


Article 8- Intellectual property

Unless the client explicitly refuses, Fanny Wong Beauty shall publish on its website and its social networks, the photographs of the client's beauty treatment for the purpose of promoting its activity. All elements produced on the website are protected by copyright. Any total or partial reproduction of the site is strictly prohibited. 


Article 9 - Personal data

Fanny Wong Beauty undertakes to respect the personal data of its client in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The personal data collected are not transmitted to any third party and are only used for administrative and commercial management purposes for Fanny Wong Beauty. The client has the right to access, rectify and delete his personal data. Any request can be made by email to


Article 10- Modification of the general sales conditions

Fanny Wong Beauty reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions of sale at any time. The modifications shall only apply to reservations made after the date of modification.  


By signing this contract, the client declares to have read and accepted the general terms and conditions of sale.

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